The Diary of an Emotional Vampire

Late night paranoid random thoughts, musings and damn near anything that I want to get off of my chest written by someone whose American ideals were shattered by this world we inhabit.

They’re little chickens!
Ho boy.
What did y’all do this morning?
So pretty
The convenient store next to the new place has some craft beer. #nice


"When you put goodwill out there it’s amazing what can be accomplished." Paul Walker

Marketing 101 maybe we shouldn’t name it this
This is what happens when the @wwe throws you a curve ball. @sirdre34  #21and1 #endofanera
Hanging out with some buds. Watching @wwe

With the end of Mr. Mr. promotions the girls gave it their all.  They performed in 13 different outfits.  My favorite being the pink and blue suit outfits.  They make business dress HOT

#sosick of scrapping ice